Mr. Bill Jaskulski

Bill Jaskulski

Coaching Staff / 2020-21

Team: Boys Varsity Basketball
Position: Head Coach


COACHING PHILOSOPHY: Trust– Trust is the glue that holds relationships together and a team is a very complex set of relationships.  Without trust, your team has very little chance to succeed.  Players have to trust that what their coach is teaching them will help them reach their goals.  Coaches have to trust that their players are going to do what is asked of them.  Teammates have to trust that the other players on the floor are going to do their jobs.  Parents have to trust that coaches are going to safeguard their most prized possessions, their children.  Trust is not an easy thing to come by…it takes time and a lot of work. The keys to making it work are open communication and honesty.

Preparation– One of my favorite sayings that my players will hear often is “we all have the will to win but do we have the will to prepare to win”.  Preparation is hard and usually not that much fun.  Conditioning, working on fundamentals, running through the offense, hours of the shell drill, watching film, just to name a few, are key ingredients to “preparing to win”.

Live in the Now– I will stress to my players to have a short memory.  No matter what happened during the last play they have to forget about it & move on.  If they miss a layup, big deal.  Get back on defense and get a stop.  If they make a three, don’t run down the court putting up the “3 goggles”, get back and find your man.  I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seen a player with awful body language sulking around because they missed a free-throw.  Move on to the next play!  Another concept of Living in the Now is no matter what you are doing be the best at it.  If you are in the gym, be the best basketball player.  If you are in the classroom, be the best student.  If you are hanging out with your buddies, be the best friend.  If you are home with your family, be the best son/brother.


Married for 26 years to my wife Bridget

2 children: Colleen (24), Nathan (21)

Graduate of Notre Dame High School

Served in the United States Marine Corps from 1984-1988

Youngest of 5 boys

Currently employed by Johnson Controls (Miller Park)

Currently reside in Hales Corners (I bought my parents’ house)


Played competitive basketball grades 4-12.  St Mary-Hales Corners, Whitnall High School, Notre Dame High School.  Also played on the 1st Tank Battalion Team while in the Marine Corps.


Youth Basketball: St Mary-Hales Corners 2007-2015

High School Basketball: West Allis Central 2012-2018


Undefeated 0-0 (have not started yet)


Unknown (more wins than losses)

 SOURCE OF INSPIRATION (person, quote, event, etc.):

My Dad, Robert Jaskulski.  He coached for 50+ years & is an inductee to the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame (2002).  I can remember him coaching his HS team then coming home to go right back to the gym to coach one of his 5 boys’ grade school teams til 9:30 at night every night of the week and then grade school games on Saturday & Sunday…never a complaint or an “I’m too tired”.  He loved the game but more so, he loved to teach the game.


The players and the community.  Since coming to Greenfield in the summer of 2017 to be a part of the football staff I have experienced nothing but a welcoming atmosphere from the players, their parents and the administration.  I am so very excited to begin the basketball journey with this staff of excellent coaches.  Go Hustlin’ Hawks!!!