Mr. David Lopez

Mr. David Lopez

Coaching Staff / 2020-21

Team: Boys Varsity Basketball
Position: Assistant Coach

COACHING PHILOSOPHY: To put the players and team in the best possible position to succeed through hard work, dedication and team work.

PLAY EXPERIENCE: High School only.

COACHING EXPERIENCE:  – Youth Basketball in Greenfield for 4 years that played in the WYBL and tournaments with several Championships.

  • Freshman Basketball Coach at GHS for 2 years ’16-17, ‘17’-‘18
  • Current Varsity Assistant at GHS ’18-‘19

RECORD AT GHS: 11-11 in ’17-’18,


SOURCE OF INSPIRATION (person, quote, event, etc.): None

FAVORITE ASPECT OF COACHING THE HUSTLIN HAWKS: Is developing the young talented players we have into a strong team year after year while looking forward to building a respectable, winning program that lasts.