Mr. Kyle Pionek

Mr. Kyle Pionek

Coaching Staff / 2020-21

Team: Boys JV Basketball
Position: Head Coach



My belief is that the kids determine who we will be as a team and how we will be seen by others.  At the beginning of each season, we go through a process through by which the kids identify three character/teammate traits that are most important to them collectively.  Those traits become the foundation upon which everything we do and every decision me make is based.
From a coaching perspective, our focus will be on fundamentals and doing the little things to be successful.  How do we effectively set screens?  How do we most efficiently use our dribble?
During practice, we first will focus on defense.  This is the foundation of our team and will determine our success during the course of the year.  The primary component that makes players good defenders or not is simply effort.  Those who want to be good defenders will become good defenders through intensity, passion and commitment.  Similarly, our offensive focus is
I want the kids I coach to become better players and people while playing for me.  I focus on ensuring the boys are focused on the following:  understanding their own self-worth, the importance of respect for others, the sustainability of habits developed (good or bad), knowing the message you want to convey to others about you when you have a short time to make a good impression, the long-term focus on working hard, and personal growth.


I am 46 years old and my wife, Laura, and I live in New Berlin.  I attended Marquette University and obtained a Finance degree.  My career for the past 13 years has been as a consultant in the employee benefits industry.


While I have played basketball my entire life, I played intramurals in high school and college.


I coached at Holy Apostles grade school for eight years prior to moving on to high school hoops.  My start at the next level was assisting Dean Bellanti at Catholic Memorial High School on his varsity staff for four years.  After that, I took a JV boys’ head coaching position at West Allis Hale prior to my current position with Greenfield.  I am entering my third season as a Hustlin’ Hawk.





31 – 57 as JV Head Coach and 1 – 0 as Varsity Head Coach


SOURCE OF INSPIRATION (person, quote, event, etc.):

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the source of my strength and hope.  My Faith forms the foundation of my life and is what encourages me to improve who I am daily.  Additionally, my Dad, who passed away September 8, 2018, and my Mom have been and will continue to be my heroes in this world.  They have always been people of courage, depthless love and fierce loyalty to their family.   My wife manifests love and courage in everything she does.  She is a testament to the Bible verse stating that when a man finds a wife he finds a good thing.


I continue to learn a lot each year from the rest of the coaching staff and the kids I coach – not only about basketball, but about life and self-improvement.  Coach Jaskulski is easy to admire for his commitment to these kids, his humility and his willingness to serve.  I’ve been coaching with my assistants, Ron and Jeff, for years and they are great friends and trusted sources for advice and direction.