Mr. Kyle Pionek

Mr. Kyle Pionek

Coaching Staff / 2019-20

Team: Boys JV Basketball
Position: Head Coach



I want the kids I coach to become better players and people while playing for me.  I focus on ensuring the boys are focused on the following:  understanding their own self-worth, the importance of respect for others, the sustainability of habits developed – good or bad, knowing the message you want to convey to others about you when you have a short time to make a good impression, the long-term focus on working hard, and personal growth.

From an offensive standpoint, I spend a lot of time on the fundamentals of the game quite often using a motion offense which teaches kids how to play as opposed to going to a spot on the floor.  On the defensive end, we focus on EFFORT!  Defense is intensity, passion and commitment.  We will mostly play man-to-man and, if we have the personnel, we will run and jump with a lot of trapping. 

Win or lose, we should never end a game and think we just got outhustled or outworked. 


I have been married to my wife Laura since October 2014 and we live in New Berlin.  For my career, I am a group insurance consultant specializing in health and business insurance. 


Played through 8th grade then intramurals for high school and college


2001 – 2009:  8 years coaching grade school basketball (5th through 8th) at Holy Apostles, New Berlin

2012 – 2016:  4 years as Varsity Assistant at Catholic Memorial High School — 1-0 record as Varsity Head Coach J

2016 – 2018:  2 years as JV Head Coach at West Allis Hale High School


0 – 0 (first year as coach)


As JV Head Coach:  13 – 31 (Please tell me this isn’t go out on the website… haha)

As Varsity Head Coach:  1 – 0

SOURCE OF INSPIRATION (person, quote, event, etc.):

My Dad, who passed away September 8th of this year, and my Mom have been and will continue to be my heroes in this world.  They have always been people of courage, depthless love and fierce loyalty to their family.   Additionally, I find my own personal strength through my Faith which forms the basis for my fundamental commitments in life.


I’ve enjoyed the time I have been able to spend with the kids in the program thus far.  For me, this has always been my favorite part of coaching in general.  I enjoy helping mentor the student athletes, acting as a sounding board for them, providing them with life knowledge, and ultimately, watching them grow into young men. 

Outside of this, I like the facilities and gym, the opportunity to coach with Bill, and the opportunity to coach with two friends who sit on my staff – Jeff and Ron.