Ms. Kim Pitre

Coaching Staff / 2020-21

Team: Dance
Position: Head Coach


COACHING PHILOSOPHY: I believe in creating an environment that allows athletes to grow, not only as dancers but as adolescents and young adults. I have learned so many important life skills through my participation in dance: teamwork, responsibility, work ethic, self- confidence, and persistence just to name a few. I strive to provide a positive environment for dancers to learn and build on these skills while also improving their dance ability.

BIO: I recently completed a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and now work supporting the school nursing staff in the West Allis district. Besides dance, I love to read, write, and go biking and hiking (when Wisconsin weather permits!). I have a four year old puppy named Sophie who loves to go for walks in the summer weather. My favorite color is pink, and I love country music.

DANCE EXPERIENCE: I have been a studio dancer since I was four years old, training at Anita’s Dance Center in ballet, tap, jazz, pom, and hip hop. Through my studio training I was fortunate to have opportunities to perform all over the country, including the Indianapolis 500, college bowl games, and Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. I was also a member of the Carroll University Blaze Dance Team, which is where I really found my passion for poms in particular.

COACHING EXPERIENCE: I have been a dance teacher at Anita’s Dance Center since 2012. Prior to coaching at GHS, I served as the Head Poms Coach at Frank Lloyd Wright Intermediate School in West Allis. In 2019, I became the Head Dance Coach at GHS – I’ve loved every minute of it and am looking forward to many more great seasons ahead!

SOURCE OF INSPIRATION (person, quote, event, etc.): “The people who stick with their goals and passions, when everyone else stops, are the people that are successful.” –a quote from my dance teacher, Ms. Michelle.